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Rose Petals Enchanted 


Rose Petals Enchanted, conveniently pre-packaged and ready to enhance your wedding décor. 

What’s more dreamy than strolling down the aisle on a path of fresh, pillowy rose petals? Whether preparing the walkway for the bride, elevating table décor, or tossing in celebration, rose petals will bring that vibrant pop of color and texture you have been looking for on your wedding day. Petals are approximately one inch and pre-packaged for your convenience. White is associated with innocence, balance, and freshness. There are approximately 700 petals per bag.

The whimsical white petals from the Enchanted Collection will add an airy and romantic feeling to your Big Day.

  • Wedding rose petals arrive fresh, conveniently packaged, and confetti-like.
  • We recommend choosing a delivery date 3 days before the event.
  • Upon arrival, simply store in a refrigerator or cool location.

Pro-Tip: For longer-lasting petals, keep the bag sealed tight until use. Once a day, gently shake the bag and turn the bag over, to reposition the petals. Order an extra bag to continue the romance on your honeymoon. 

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