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Excellence Baby’s Breath


Excellence Baby’s Breath are beautiful addition to your wholesale wedding flowers. 

Baby’s breath is the classic go-to wedding flower. Best known as a filler flower, modern brides have brought Baby’s Breath to the spotlight as a rustic, stand-alone flower as well. Their fresh white, dreamy blooms adds just the right amount of texture and pop to fill any floral arrangement. Excellence variety has slightly larger blooms, for a more bold look.

  • 50 Stems
  • Multiple Tiny Blooms per Stem
  • Choose a delivery date 3 days before an event, to allow time for hydration and bloom.
  • Upon arrival, be sure to trim the stems and place in water immediately.

Pro Tips: Be sure to separate each stem of Baby’s Breath and fluff them out. Cut off some of the longer branches to fill any gaps between the focal flowers for a more balanced look. 

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